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Cash Flow Analysis & Reporting

In recent years the economy has tightened and the measurement and performance of cash flows has never been more critical either through decreased contributions, dues or demands by the board of directors as a result of an uncertain economic outlook.  The cash flow needs of an organization are receiving increased attention in regards to the forecasted inflows via contributions, donations and/or dues and also the cash outflows or the cost of operating the organization.  We recognize the importance of cash flow management and forecasting and this is a critical component we offer and perspective we provide.  Improving collections, identifying areas of negative cash flow and working to forecast the long term and short-term cash requirements of an organization are just a few of the cash flow services we provide.  Once the cash requirements of an organization are identified and the cash inflows optimized then an investment strategy can be devised, approved and implemented.  The forecasting, planning and management of cash flow is critical to the success or failure of your organization.

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