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For many organizations, resources are limited and the focus is on the products and services they offer and customer satisfaction.  Management teams are focused on growing the business through outstanding service, superior product offerings and a strong customer base with talented employees that service those customers.  While owners know it is important for their financial house to be in order, often the limited available resources mean that the back-office components of the organization are not fully utilized and sometimes suffer.  Hiring a virtual accounting professional as your part-time CFO, Controller or Accountant may be the answer to your financial needs.


Many small organizations could benefit from senior level financial expertise in the form of a part-time CFO/Controller/Accountant or on a per project engagement.  At A-Frame we make the accounting and financial requirements of small organizations affordable and effective and provide management with strategic tools and financial insight.


It is not uncommon at many small businesses for financial statements to be produced timely, accurately or in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) but rather a cash/accrual hybrid methodology.  Many small organizations are so focused on making payroll and creating business growth, hence they do not have the time to dig into the financial health of their company.  For these organizations, critical data on the profitability of programs or products and the cost of services provided are not readily available or require excessive effort only to produce sub-standard reports.  


In order for decisions on the core competencies and direction of your company to be made, accurate financial information should be easily produced and readily available.  We assist small organizations in developing accurate financial information that is a readily available, useful tool to management.


At A-Frame we provide our services to small organizations across the globe on a virtual basis.  Each engagement is customized to fit the needs of your organization making your investment effective and affordable.  We specialize in providing the following financial tools and processes to your organization:

•  CFO/Controller Outsourcing

•  Internal Controls

•  Financial Reporting & Analysis

•  Audit Preparation & Support

•  Budgeting & Forecasting

•  GAAP/FASB Compliance (SOP 97-2, FAS 116/117)

•  Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting

•  SEC Financial Reporting Compliance

•  Business Process Improvement

• Technical Accounting Support

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