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A-Frame's founder Trip Thomas has been into surfing for over 25 years. He has spent most of his time surfing in his home state of Florida on both the East Coast and Gulf Coast. Trip has also traveled to surf destinations like California, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Every surfer dreams of surfing a perfect wave. A wave with an A-Frame shape is considered a perfect wave. A-Frame refers to the structure of a particular wave which peaks up in the center and allows two surfers to ride it from that center point and go in different directions. The crest of an A-frame will stand up and form an "A" shape before breaking both right and left. The picture above is an A-Frame wave from Costa Rica. 


At A-Frame we realize we are not perfect. However, we strive to be honest to our clients and provide them with a quality product in a timely fashion. We hope that by providing our customers with the best possible service it will allow for a near perfect experience.

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